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by ian on September 7, 2010

Guest blogging is a great opportunity for link building and marketing. Find a relevant blog in need of content and offer your services as a guest poster. If the blog owner says ‘yes’, great! Write your post, ask them about linking rules, and send them your content. You get a link, and they get an article.

How guest blogging works

First, you have to find a site in need of a guest post. A few interesting ways to do that:

  1. Subscribe to your favorite blogs, then look to see if the pace of publication slows down. They may be jammed up with other work. Offer to help out.
  2. Use Google to search for “accepting posts,” “guest author” or “guest blogger” plus whatever your topic is. Mix up the searches. You’ll be amazed how many folks are looking.
  3. Sign up for a service that matches you up with blogs looking for writers. See the info below about MyBlogGuest.

Next, contact the blog owner and ask them if they’d like a guest post from you. In some cases, you may get an invitation from someone you know, instead, but don’t wait for that. You can’t win if you don’t play.

Finally, write your post and submit it to the blog in question. Some blogs may give you access to their blogging platform so that you can directly submit your article. Either way, submit your post – the blogger will review and possibly edit it, and publish it for you.

In most cases, you’ll get a link in a little biographical block in the post. That block may go at the top or the bottom. Some blogs will let you use a keyword-rich link, like this:

Ian Lurie writes the internet marketing blog Conversation Marketing.

Others, afraid of a link spam free-for-all, will only let you link using a URL or an organization name:

Ian Lurie writes the internet marketing blog Conversation Marketing.

Guest blogging tips

First, build a body of work. That means writing on your own blog. You do have a blog by now, right? If not, shame! Set up a quick blog and start writing. Don’t expect another blogger to accept a post from you if you have zero samples.

Be sure you build relationships, too. Don’t be afraid to ask a blogger you know if they’d like a guest post. Most bloggers are desperate for content – if you’re a solid writer and have your own blog where they can evaluate your work, chances are they’ll jump at the chance to get some writing from you.

If you want help finding guest blogging opportunities, go to Ann Smarty’s and register. Pay for the premium service and you’ll get fantastic tips to guest blogging opportunities. I’ve gotten some fantastic opportunities since I signed up. And no, I don’t get any money, links or other favors in return for endorsing MyBlogGuest. It just rocks.


Guest blogging is definitely the best content-driven link-building tactic out there, because it’s totally innocent. Guest posts are marketing opportunities, great press for you, and help expand your network of bloggers who like you. Links are a really nice side effect.

Respect that! Don’t start throwing crappy posts on low-quality blogs in the hope that you’ll get link authority because of it. And don’t pester bloggers who you asked about opportunities. Most bloggers (me included) are picky about what they post. Don’t be insulted if someone says no.

Don’t write for quantity – write for quality. The better your posts, the better chance you have of earning placement on high-quality sites. That translates to better links and faster progress towards strong rankings.

Take the long view

Building a good foundation of guest blogging opportunities can take a long time. But few things will pay off as well. Take the long view, be patient, and keep at it!

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